Glamour Portfolio"Right girls if modeling is your thing and something you would like to take further than before you dig your heels into it. There is a few things you might want to know to improve your skills 

1.    Always be at your shoot on time. If you are unable to make it then always give your photographer some notice.

2.    Be professional and confident and make sure your well organised for the shoot.

3.    Always have your own make up before the shoot or if you have a MUA (make up artist) make sure this is done before the time of the shoot. 

4.    It is always great to practice new poses in the mirror. That way you can see what your best posers are and how to use them. This can be done in your underwear so you know how your body will react to a pose.

5.    After your first shoot, create a portfolio and build it up with new pictures. That way if you have meetings with agencies/photographers you can show them your printed work (Make sure these include a full body picture as well as a head shot)

6.    Bring a wide range of different outfits to your shoot and remember its better to have more stuff then less

7.    Choose items that you discuss with your photographer prior to your shoot day. Think of all those outfits that your dare not wear because they are too revealing.

8.    Think practically don't take too many shoes for example.

9.    Remember to do the important body care before hand so your body looks fresh, smooth and clean.

10.   The camera is your dream boyfriend, husband, lover so really work at flirting with it and draw attentions to those curves and lines that you know send the guys wild. It is all about having fun and not thinking your on a shoot. See it as being at a bar or somewhere where you feel your hottest and relaxed. All these things will help with your Modeling shoots and will improve your portfolio." 


Alexander Bridson - Professional Model 


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