Our Policies

Don't Make Assumptions Until You Have Spoken To Faceless Productions 

Our View On Creating Images

Faceless Productions intends to make it clear that all of our images have been given approval by the models pictured in them to be published. They are all images that have been requested by our clients. Each model is given a contract explaining what they will be covering and it is signed by them after the shoot to say they are happy with their images.

There are many different types of images produced by Faceless Productions at the request of our clients and we ensure there is full understanding of their requirements through talks with our clients.
Our images can be open to interpretation and be suggestive to outsiders however that is often the fun of creating them. Rest assured our style is all about the implication, the story behind the image but it is never anything more than a story. All our models are asked repeatedly throughout their shoot if they are happy with any suggestions and by all means if you are not happy just say so.

We do not provide airbrushing as standard as we believe that all our clients are naturally beautiful, however we can do this on request.

Business Legislation on Child Protection

There are a number of different legislation that govern how we do business, Child Protection Legislation is one of them. We take this very seriously.

We are often contacted by 'vulnerable people' these can be people as young as 14 and our policies are very clear on this subject.

Anyone under the age of 18 years old must have the approval of a parent or guardian.

We will advise any such person that while we appreciate their interest before we can discuss a shoot with them we need to have contact with a Parent or Guardian. We also ensure that the Parent or Guardian is included in any discussions.

Should things progress to the stage whereby they would like to book in for a shoot we would send out the standard contract to them for their Parent or Guardian to read and we would ensure they were aware they would need to bring the Parent or Guardian with them to the shoot.

Should the outfit choices or style of shoot requested be unsuitable for someone of that age we would direct them towards a more suitable choice. We would request that the Parent or Guardian communicate with us and our client to ensure there are clear boundaries before and during the shoot. Every image we produce we naturally discuss during the shoot and if you are not sure or not happy with anything then please let us know.

Parents or Guardians must accompany people under the age of 18 years on their shoot and to be in supervision of their communications with us at all times.

Our Commitment To You

It is not for Faceless Productions to mislead or to show a lack of clarity in any of its policies and statements regarding it's protocols. We welcome your questions and feedback to ensure we a providing our already high level of customer service both prior and post shoot.

Whilst we cannot cover every eventuality it is our priority to ensure our clients are happy with our work.

We do not share your contact details with anyone. We pride ourselves on our high levels of confidentiality, what happens on a shoot and behind the scenes of a shoot stays between the team and yourself.

Our Changing Faces

We pride ourselves on providing images that are new and exciting, we like to ensure we are on trend with fashions and styles. It is always a question of taste concerning any image we produce or research however we do our utmost to draw inspiration that is personal and individual to you no matter what that might be. We always encourage our clients to look at images they like and would like to recreate to give us an idea of their personal style.

Any Questions?

If you are unsure of image styles or genre, whether images you have seen on our site or elsewhere please do not hesitate to ask us. One person would class an image as Glamour where as another would class the same image as Boudoir. Where someone would have an image as part of a general portfolio another would consider it part of a more private affair. Each individual has their own perspective and we are always happy to discuss your ideas and limitations with you.

We hope we have made our intentions and views clear and known to you right from the outset.

Feel free to contact us regarding anything you are unsure of and we can where possible make an appointment with you or discuss the matter over the phone.